Our Story

The name Meliae, coming from Greek Mythology, is given to Nymphs of the Ash Tree. Nymphs are nature goddesses regarded as divine spirits who animate nature. Usually depicted as beautiful young maidens who love to dance and sing, their freedom sets them apart from others. They never die of old age nor illness and are beloved by many. 
Time may not stand still for us mere mortals, yet to capture a moment with photography is to immortalize the spirit of that moment forever. Here is a moment taken at Santorini by our very own company founder on her honeymoon. As an avid photographer and traveler herself, she was so inspired by the beauty of the Greek Islands and the story of these carefree nymphs, that Meliae Bags was born. 
At Meliae Bags, we are passionate about providing affordable quality camera bags that are both functional and chic. With baby steps and humble beginnings, our creations from our studio in Melbourne have finally materialized, designed with you in mind. We hope that our bags will allow you to bring your cameras out more, and explore, discover and taste the zest for life that Meliae represents. Whether it be a holiday in Paris, a birthday party or lunch out with your best friends, we want you to look and feel trendy with our bags wherever you go and hope that you will enjoy our bags for many years to come. 
As photographers, we would love to experience this magnificent world through your eyes too. So please do share your amazing photos with us on instagram, preferably with our bags in it ;) and don't forget to tag us using #meliaebag as we do feature our faves. 
Happy shooting! xox
The team at Meliaebags